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Grey Limbo
I'm Catherine Miranda, and I'm running for State Senate in 2024 as a Democrat from Arizona. I have long been dedicated to fighting for the values and priorities of our community, and I am eager to continue that fight in the Senate. As a State Senator, I will be an advocate for homelessness, the severely mentally ill, quality education, and job creation initiatives that benefit all Arizonans.

District 11, one of the most diverse communities in Arizona, has been my home my entire life. I believe a legislator must maintain close contact with the community and must be available to the people at any time. From the devotion of time my mother, Ysabel Hernandez, spent at St. Catherine’s of Sienna Parish, to the time spent at American Legion Post 41, where my father Robert, a Korean War Veteran was a member, to my involvement in sports in the South Mountain Community, this community has always been there to support me in all my endeavors, and I look forward to giving back.

From a kindergarten student to a school administrator and school board member, to serving in both chambers of the State Legislature, I am the strong product of the rich diversity of District 11. This diversity within our community is what helps shape my legislative priorities.

Deep roots and experience matter when representing the community. I’ve served you before, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you again


ELECTION DAY: Tuesday, November 5, 2024


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